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Only Day 3 of TiBloPoDaJa and it’s already all gone to shit. It’s 9:15pm and I just woke up from an accidental nap that started at 7pm during part 2 of a Joan Crawford/Bette Davis bingefest and I haven’t even started to think about what to blog about. Methinks my bold claims for TiBloPoDaJa were foolhardy.  

Back to Work Day went well but left me exhausted. Isn’t it incredible how quickly the body adjusts to a week and a bit of slothfulness, late nights, four hour post-lunch naps and a diet of shortbread and Pringles? I honestly didn’t know how to eat proper food at lunchtime and ended up microwaving a tin of beans found in a drawer at work and some ham I’d brought from home that I had grand plans for involving pasta and salad, that never came to fruition. 

(I also ate some shortbread and some crisps but I’m only human)

As usual at the beginning of a new year my thoughts turned darkly to the state of my finances, which in desperation led in turn to thoughts of a lucrative side hustle. But what could my side hustle be? Ideas welcome. Nothing murky please. Illegal I’m fine with but not murky thank you. That particular ship has sailed – I’ve neither the body nor the will for murk. 

If staring into space was lucrative I’d be a millionaire. 

That was hard work. A blog post should be at least 300 words and I’m only at 245. FML as the kids say these days. FML. TiBloPoDaJa has become a millstone I’ve stupidly hung round my own stupid neck  



Shit shit shit shit shit shit. 


Anybody watch anything good on telly tonight? What did everybody’s have for their tea? Feel free to share in the comments, together with your ideas for my lucrative side hustle. 


There. Now shut up about it and get to bed. 

313…I’m winning at life! 



  1. Jacquelyn 03/01/2018 10:47 PM

    I started back on the water today, don’t think I had drank any since the 22nd December 🍺🍸🥃🍷🥂🍻🍹🍾

  2. Natalie kane 17/02/2018 6:19 PM

    it won’t let me follow you but if you could email me when your new entries are posyed I’ll happily read xx

    • tigerbaps 19/02/2018 5:02 AM

      Thank you! The follow button should be fixed now but I’ll add you x

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