I’m Tigerbaps and I think I’m it, hence this blog. I’ve a dog who runs a taxi business. He claims to have had various celebs in his cabs – he had Lionel Blair this one time, but I seriously doubt it.  He’s terribly racist and can get a bit handsy with the girls so we’re constantly getting complaints and he’s had his licence revoked but still drives the taxis unless he’s had a couple of cans in the evening. Actually even then he still takes the odd fare. He’s a bloody liability.

I also have a fabulous wife and two marvellous daughters. The two daughters are from a previous relationship otherwise it would have been a miracle on many levels and god forbid the current Mrs T and I should be able or allowed to breed (we both have uteruses (uteri?) and anyway I’m full blown menopausal and she’s half way there, not that that is particularly relevant information.

If you’re new to my blog you’re most welcome but cut me some slack for the odd sweary word. Don’t get prissy about it.

Oh and the name tigerbaps (I prefer lower case because I’m not worthy of a capital letter) came from a wander up Morrison’s baked goods aisle  and I spotted bread rolls with a salty crust called Tiger Baps and I thought it would make a great Twitter name. It now pervades most of my social media presences except the LinkedIn because I’d never work again.


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