Belated Birthday greetings, Ryan!

General Nonsense

i almost forgot!  I was in Nona Lou’s yesterday (eating gluten free toast, having decided after a pastry induced episode of bloat that I was wheat intolerant. Yes, it appears I’ve become one of those annoying people who say “ooooh I can’t tolerate wheat, it bloats me, I’ll just have some waffer thin ham”. I couldn’t be prouder. 

There’s no scientific basis for this self-diagnosis. I’m just showing off. I’ll tell you what though – I feel better for it. (That’s possibly the most shitawful boring thing I’ve ever said, apart from “wait til I tell you about my dream last night”) That said, in approximately 3 hours I fully intend to hork down a scone and butter. Quid pro quo, Clarice, or some shit. 

So there was I, righteously poking down gluten free toast and very much enjoying a double cappuccino when the Nona half of Nona Lou’s informs me that her partner Ryan enjoys my blog regularly and chortles away as he reads it out loud to her. That won’t be in the least bit annoying for her, will it?  Having me barge in to her relationship when she least expects it, saying vagina all over the bladdy place. And guess what? It was Ryan’s birthday yesterday! I thought it would be fun to wish Ryan happy birthday on the blog, just to surprise him. So happy belated birthday Ryan! That dog definitely has a bit of Alsatian in it…

I’ve a whole heap of stuff to blog, mostly about Tucker, who has been a shit this week, but it’s hair washing day which means a battle with the Tangle Teaser and much whining. (My hair,  not Tucker’s), and I haven’t had my Nespresso yet. 

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