Bloggy McBlogface. 

General Nonsense

God I’m so over that whole Boaty McBoatface thing. 

Well well. We meet again. 

This blog is all over the place, time wise. Don’t try to follow it in a linear fashion. Just embrace the chaos. 

I confess I was scared to log in to WordPress after all this time. It’s been so long since I’ve blogged I expected to log in and find the gaff draped in cobwebs or find other bloggers squatting in it and rifling through my virtual drawers. 

I’ve had a day off today (yesterday – it’s now Friday). An annual leave day to be exact. I took the day off ostensibly to study but so far no study has been forthcoming and it’s now 3pm and I’m contemplating a nice nap. No point starting anything now is there? It’ll soon be bedtime for chrissake. I’m in my fifties. 

It’s now 10pm. I did have a short nap, as it happens, and woke up, suitably refreshed,  forty winks later. 

It’s a public ruddy holiday tomorrow (now today – sorry for this wrinkle in spacetime). Not for me, alas. I’m heading University-ward. I’ve had homework to do which I’ve studiously avoided. If I put as much effort into doing it as I do into avoiding it I’d be running the country by now. 

I was supposed to produce a mindmap to depict my learning process. Unfortunately my brain doesn’t do logic or mindmaps. It’s like I’m permanently wearing a tinfoil hat which prevents logic from getting in. I started the mindmap three times, got bored,  eventually produced this, quite literally on the back of an envelope. There’s no logic to it, it just IS. 

Does anybody find mindmaps easy/useful? Or is it a bit like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs ie you learn it, can draw it, but never actually apply it to anything in real life? 

If anybody asks if you need anything you don’t draw a pyramid, divide it into five levels, label them, point to the level that indicates your point in the hierarchy and go –  “yes I’m only at “safety” and need to get to “esteem” by 10 o’clock so if you could get me some financial security when you’re at Lidl that’d be fab. Oh and get me a kangaroo leg steak and some weird European cheese and all the pastry products from the in-store bakery while you’re at it”

Enough of this nonsense. 

Oh hold the bloody bus! It’s now Friday 5pm and I’ve just come out of Theo’s lecture and he only bloody cited Maslow’s pesky hierarchy of needs and applied it in real life! How silly do I feel.  

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