The Millstone

Only Day 3 of TiBloPoDaJa and it’s already all gone to shit. It’s 9:15pm and I just woke up from an accidental nap that started at 7pm during part 2 of a Joan Crawford/Bette Davis bingefest and I haven’t even started to think about what to blog about. Methinks my bold claims for TiBloPoDaJa were … [Read more…]

Half ottoman oooooh. 

I’ve missed the blog. I’ve been kinda busy adulting on another website for the furtherance of my education.  As has been clearly demonstrated throughout my life (I offer no examples – use your imagination or indeed memory) I have zero morals so am more than happy to pimp out my efforts here in an attempt to … [Read more…]

It’s hot, innit?

I’ve the fan on. It’s so bloody hot! I was asked if I had a bucket list at the weekend.  I couldn’t remember if I did – or if I did have one I’ve forgotten what was on it. The only thing that blurts forth from my mouth when asked about a bucket list is … [Read more…]

Crimplene trousers and gingerbread.

I had two great Eureka moments tonight whilst buttering an oatcake. 1 – Lifehack: See this spoon? The corner of the (empty) fag packet is shown for relative size and isn’t a weird “serving suggestion”. The presence of my foot, intruding into the bottom right of the picture and the empty HRT packet at 1 o’clock … [Read more…]