End of year roundup. 

General Nonsense

Went aurora hunting. Freezing. No aurora. Stars lovely. Came back. Ate two crackers. Indulged in moderate self loathing. Donned nightie. Fired up Kindle. Got distracted. Fired up Amazon. Got distracted. Fired up Instagram. Got distracted. Fired up Facebook. Got distracted. 

Mulled over some new hypochondria for 2016 eg borderline personality disorder.  Harboured neggy thoughts about Jools Holland and that bloody Hootenanny. Decided am Hogmanay equiv of Scrooge, spreading ill will to all.

May attempt listening to Serial episode 4 podcast but will no doubt fall asleep after first two minutes. It’s very good. Can recommend. 

For non FB friends here’s a picture from daughter’s lovely  

 wedding on Tuesday. 

Nice that I finished on a high, isn’t it? 

Keep the noise down please. 

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  1. sammibigbum 01/01/2016 11:21 AM

    Gosh, how beautiful.

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