Friday round-up with pic of mug with Queen Mum thereon. 

General Nonsense

Bad: What’s with this bloody weather? 

Bad: Saw a dead badger. 

Good: Good eyebrows today. Fierce. 

Bad: Walker’s Sweet n Salty Popcorn. 

Good: Woke up in great mood.

Bad: Didn’t last. 

Bad: I’ve a frock to iron for wee Annie’s wedding the morra. The mere thought is bringing on a downer. 

Good: Looking forward to wedding and having MASSIVE HAIR. 

Good: There’s bacon in the fridge 

Bad: There’s nae breid for aforementioned bacon. 

Bad:Time travel machine apparently still not invented. Useful for skipping back to good times and skipping forward through eg dental appointments and smear tests. 

Bad: Still don’t own a Dinky Donuts van to keep in my drive, for when I fancy a batch of Dinky Donuts, which is all the time, frankly. I’d also like a hot tub in the garden. Tucker and I could sit together in it awkwardly of an evening scowling at passers-by, with my breasts bobbing gently atop the human/canine “soup” while he barks at men in hi-vis jackets and anyone with even a slight disability eg a bit of a lisp. I’m sorry. 

Good: Only cried twice today. (Almost three) Personal best. 

Good: Posted a thing back. 

Bad: Ordered more things which will inevitably require sending back, over which I’ll procrastinate like a big fat procrastinating arse. 

Good: Comfy Extra Large tights that go alllllll the way up to my boobs and have good gusset to crotch ratio

Bad: Comfy Extra Large tights wrinkle and bunch up at my cankles. 

Very Bad: Floordrobe. 

Good: Found the missing Favourite Bed Tee Shirt With Vegas On The Front (FBTSWVOTF) in the floordrobe after a bit of a guddle. The FBTSWVOTF has taken over from the TBSNOS (Tesco Butt Skimming Nightie Of Shame) which fell out of favour after the Great Accidental Nipple Flash Of 2014. 

Bad: This fucking wind. (The meteorological kind)

Good: Kate came round for Biryani, gossip, cackling, ranting and mutual tunes admiration. 

Bad: Possibility of more of This Fucking Wind  (the Biryani kind)

Good: remembered to put bin out this morning.

Bad: Hate dragging the bastard bin back up the gravelly drive more than I hate for example people who say “oh just come to {insert dull thing}. You’ll enjoy it when you get there! 

Bad: Zero progress with Satan’s jigsaw 

Very Bad: Zero progress with Clusterfuck of Life Admin. It’s getting silly now. 

Bad: Finances have all gone to shit. 

Good: Meditated. 

Bad: Couldn’t flap away the bad thoughts during meditation and at every other time of day and ended up in foul mood. Am shit at meditating. Good at self-loathing. 

Good: Got nice things with the “gone to shit” finances*

* Nice dress for wedding, massive flower thing for hair, nice new cardi, Superdry hoodie (am I a teenage boy allofasudden? But so COMFY). 

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