Just wash the bloody cups already. 

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Whilst I appreciate I should be asleep after today’s horrific dental shenanigans which have left me an emotional wreck and a husk of a woman, (I’ve spent most of today in a fug of Nurofen Plus, hallucinating pastry products, dropping pens and forgetting what I was going to say right in the middle of a sentence, which would be annoying any time but especially annoying when one has a public duty to perform, (she said, snootily)), I stopped by to post this link to a funny blog which has made me cackle for the past 27 minutes precisely. 

Below, for what I hope is your enjoyment, is the aforementioned funny blog. The subject of this particular post is the scourge of the shared kitchen facilities office – the dreaded all-staff passive aggressive “state of the kitchen” email, the receipt of which in my inbox makes me roll my eyes so far up I can see out of the back of my head and most of which usually contain the line “you wouldn’t leave your own kitchen like this at home” which makes me lol because I definitely would. And don’t look under my bed because I’m growing my own fur coat on an assortment of cups at various stages of coffee-dregs putrefaction. If pressed, I’ll claim it’s an experiment.

Click here for the lols about cups
And this might be the Nurofen Plus talking but instead of firing off an email to all and sundry I’d just tidy the bloody kitchen. If you’ve got time to send an email you’ve got time to tidy the effing kitchen. Boom. 

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  1. gemmaritchie 09/07/2015 12:26 PM

    Thanks for sharing. Our site manager throws any dirty cups he find immediately in the bin (same goes for cutlery/plates). Hence we have very few in our staff kitchen. I find myself more often than not storing one (ok, sometimes 2) dirty coffee cups in a desk drawer for fear they may be swiped overnight before I have had a chance to wash them. I never thought my life would come to this…. I am actually keeping dirty cups in desk drawers?!

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