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Due to over-commitment of my non-work time, this seems to be the only time of day at the moment I’m able to answer messages, reply to emails, make plans, or think about hard things. So hello, everybody, and if you’re waiting for a reply from me about anything then it might be coming right up.(it probably isn’t though). 

I’ve just noticed I’ve a doctor’s appointment today at 9am, made weeks ago after my request for a repeat prescription for one of my many quite possibly imaginary ailments. I hoped it’d slip through the net unchallenged but alas not; I was summoned before The Doctor for a “review”. I suspect they think my acid reflux medication (a bloody lifesaver after a pastry binge) is a gateway drug to something recreational. 
I didn’t get my usual text message reminder, and it turns out I’ll need to cancel the appointment, which grieves me because they’re like gold dust. 

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice my blatant use of the Oxford comma in this post. Possibly twice. 
Good things about today so far:

  1. First coffee of the day (an aeropress if you please) and it’s an absolute blinder. Go me! 
  2. Tucker voluntarily got out of bed to go out for an early widdle. He usually runs under the bed when I get up so I can’t drag him out of bed and carry him to the back door like a baby.  He’s a lazy shit. And cunning with it. 

That’s it really. I’m struggling to think of a third. 

Peace, love and gateway drugs to you all xx


  1. sisterblue 11/11/2015 6:48 AM

    Have you traded nespresso for aeropress!?

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