It’s hot, innit?

I’ve the fan on. It’s so bloody hot! I was asked if I had a bucket list at the weekend.  I couldn’t remember if I did – or if I did have one I’ve forgotten what was on it. The only thing that blurts forth from my mouth when asked about a bucket list is … [Read more…]

Crimplene trousers and gingerbread.

I had two great Eureka moments tonight whilst buttering an oatcake. 1 – Lifehack: See this spoon? The corner of the (empty) fag packet is shown for relative size and isn’t a weird “serving suggestion”. The presence of my foot, intruding into the bottom right of the picture and the empty HRT packet at 1 o’clock … [Read more…]

Sausages are not the only fruit. 

This blog title popped into my head and paraphrases Jeanette Winterson. It bears no relation to the content of this post other than I casually mention sausages once.  Most of what follows was drafted last weekend, as is customary round these parts.  Well, my parts, to be specific, but please don’t dwell on my parts … [Read more…]


I’ve neglected the blog again, haven’t I? I’ve too much on! I’ve too many demands ‘ponst my time and I’ve nowt to say, it seems.  I can’t think of a thing to report so I prostrate myself before you with the following metaphorical sacrificial lamb of a blog: I’ve finally started Mad Men on Amazon … [Read more…]

Bloggy McBlogface. 

God I’m so over that whole Boaty McBoatface thing.  Well well. We meet again.  This blog is all over the place, time wise. Don’t try to follow it in a linear fashion. Just embrace the chaos.  I confess I was scared to log in to WordPress after all this time. It’s been so long since … [Read more…]

Half-arsed TV critic. 

I’ve started watching stuff on Amazon Prime at last. Found Transparent Seasons 1 and 2 to be particularly enjoyable and practically perfect in every way and can thoroughly recommend same.  I proclaimed loudly to Mrs ‘Baps as we lounged in bed binge-watching Season 2 that it was possibly the best tv I’d ever laid eyes … [Read more…]