There’s aaaa plaaaace for uuuuus…

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Forgive me for speaking kinda ill of the dead, but I have lived my fifty odd years thinking Leonard Cohen was Leonard Bernstein. 

I can’t explain this. I have literally no awareness of L Cohen’s oeuvre,  except for that Hallelujah dirge that every X Factor contestant in the world has covered, most of which were on the poorer side of acceptable, to paraphrase a lecturer’s feedback about the quality of a video I submitted for an assessment. The swine! I still passed on the acceptable side of acceptable,  so I won’t waste my time ruminating on that comment (I totally will, and indeed have. And will continue to do). 

I know it sounds like I’ve been living under a rock re Cohen.  As I said, I can’t explain this. I was brought up on a diet of chips and Frank Sinatra. Does that go some way to explain it? 

I’ve spent my adult life with a Bernstein brainworm every time I hear the name Leonard Cohen:

”  There’s aaaa place for uuuuus / somewheeeeere a place for uuuuuus “

Furthermore, and to add insult to injury, Leonard Cohen was on my list of people-I-thought-were-already-dead. This is a worrying phenomenon. I even see people in the street and think ‘Shiiiiit. That’s freaky. I thought they died’ 

What IS that all about? Is this a common phenomenon – confusing people with other people, dead and alive? The older I get, the stranger my mind becomes. 

In a completely off-topic closing topic, can we talk about train etiquette? Here are my observations and comments on this important matter:

Do not purse your lips at me when I join the train at Lockerbie and you’ve been on the train, bleary eyed  since Manchester enjoying the run of your forward facing seat, table, power point, and window. Tough shit, sista. I’ve got a booked seat at this table *waves ticket* and I’m not afraid to exercise my right to use it. And you can remove your be-popsocked feet from the chair opposite while you’re at it. I’ve no desire to experience them. 
Have a lovely Saturday and don’t worry about the Trump thing. I keep trying to imagine him in the Oval Office and I get a vision of Foghorn Leghorn, who actually would, IMHO, be a more worthy president. 

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