Things I’ve loved and lost. 

General Nonsense

The universe giveth; and the universe taketh away. I refer, of course, to cocktail glasses. Similarly, amber rings. The universe doesn’t want me to have an amber ring.  I’ve lost count of how many amber rings I’ve bought and lost. I love amber, but I’m not meant to have it. See also purple cardigans from New Look. It’s bizarre. 

One of my favourite cocktail glasses met an untimely end last week. The other one met a similar untimely end tonight. Neither untimely end was at my hands, just for clarification. (My brother broke the first one, and Brenda, who happens to be his wife, broke the other – “Oh I bet THIS goes in your bloody blog” says she, while hoovering shrapnel out of my toaster’s orifices) They were a pair of lovely gold rimmed cocktail glasses, which looked particularly nice with a French Martini therein. Never mind, I mused, having just read the Dalai Lama’s take on attachment, (Inside I still fumed though) I enjoyed them for a while but the universe wanted them back and that’s FINE. NO. REALLY. I AM FINE WITH THAT. 

One day I’ll be reunited with all my favourite lost things. I’m looking forward to an eternity with my purple New Look cardigans, amber rings and gold-rimmed cocktail glasses. 

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