Thursday ups and downs and not in a rude way. 

General Nonsense

Up:  my Nespresso order FINALLY arrived. 

Down: opened Nespresso order – realised had Inadvertently ordered 100  decaffeinated capsules. Who drinks that? I stood staring forlornly at it like one of the penguins in that sad penguin film where the egg dies and the mummy and daddy penguin have a big long sad and look all forlornly at each other. 

Up: Good hair day. Very pleasing. 

Down: New bra proving tricksy. Boobs everywhere. 

Up: Post work nana nap. 

Down: Post work nana nap interrupted by unreasonable small crabbit dog being a shithouse and yelping at imaginary noises eg pin dropping in Annan. 

Down down deeper and down*You know those scenarios where somebody says “under no circumstances should you do blah blah blah” and you immediately go and do blah blah blah? I’ve done a blah blah blah.  Oh it’s a trifling thing really but I just needed to ‘fess it. I’ll beat myself up for it for days. I’ve taken to my bed for a few hours of self-loathing before Great British Sewing Bee comes on. 

* Status Quo are playing at Palmerston Park in June. Other bands are available. 

PS – just remembered the sad film was called March of the Penguins. 

PPS – just realised the fonts are all skew whiff (?) in this post. 

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