TiBloPoDaJa – 1/31

Gratitude Memory lane

This will be a two blog post day. I’m going to try to post a blog a day for a month, hence the catchy acronymic title of this blog post – TiBloPoDaJa  – Tigerbaps Blog Post a Day in January. 

This then is blog post number 1 which I should’ve posted yesterday. I’ll post one again later today that’s a bit lighter in mood but hey life’s all about balance innit? Into each life a little rain must fall as my mother used to wistfully say while staring wistfully out of our living the room window looking wistfully for my dad to return from the pub, so she could have a blazing row with him, after which she would no longer be wistful but instead be wishing she’d married better and be swanning around in fur coats instead of spending her days wistfully watching for her prodigal husband out of the living room window in a Council flat above a chippy, or angrily cleaning venetian blinds with the prodigal husband’s old vest.

I appreciate that some folk like to reflect at the end of a year but I prefer to mentally let the end of a year just kinda roll over into the next without much of a fanfare*. 

I could list all the personal great things that have happened in 2017 and equally some awful things but largely I’m just grateful (and in some ways pleasantly surprised – ha!) to still be breathing at the end of it. 

To wish for anything else in 2018 would inevitably be setting myself up for disappointment and that way lies madness. 
In 2018:
  • My car might continue to break down and and cost me £££££££s I don’t have and make me swear like a trooper.
  • I’ll hopefully get lots of great news that will make me go YAAAAY!
  • Awful things will continue to happen in the world that make me sad or furious.
  • There might be an end to poverty in my very own town (and everywhere else but we need to start somewhere and charity very much begins at home. 
  • I might be able to eat battered goods EVERY DAY and lose five stone.

Whatever happens I’ll roll with the inevitable punches and hopefully be spared to tap out another opinionated, self righteous blog post this time next year.  

Anyway, all the best for the next 364 days and beyond! 
Don’t take your continuing good health for granted. Think outside your own four walls – there are families barely surviving and living day to day on foodbanks and the kindness of strangers – in 2018! We need to reduce this godawful poverty. 
And if somebody could come and get rid of the smell of woodsmoke in this house I’d be grateful. Damn that Hogmanay fire pit to hell! Even the cat smells smokey. 

(*yesterday’s fear-inducing hangover notwithstanding)

PS – I’ve given up the ghost on that replacement tooth from previous blog post. Bugger that. Lithping all over the plathe. I’ll save up for the million pound implant. Might crowdfund it.

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  1. Bella Kerr 02/01/2018 10:56 AM

    Well that certainly made me laugh this morning ….

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