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Well I’ve had quite the lovely few days, despite the dental issue earlier in the week which foreshadowed my weekend. Teeth and matters of the mouth have loomed large this past year. I realise I’m not getting any younger but must bits and bobs keep falling off/breaking/letting me down?

 The weird antibiotics were like a psychotropic substance and made me a bit loopy (-er than usual) and of all the antibiotics in the world these were the ones that you really can’t drink alcohol with while taking.  Now…despite not being too arsed about alcohol generally this fact made me want to ramraid an Oddbins and drink everything therein, including the fabric conditioner and washing up liquid, if they had any. 

Oh hang on. University Challenge has just come on – I need to go and shout “Oscar Wilde!” at the telly because eventually that’ll be the right answer to something, in the same way twelve monkeys in a field with typewriters would eventually, given infinite time, bash out the complete work of William Shakespeare. I’m not clear about the significance of the field. Actually I may have completely misquoted that theorem, if that’s what it’s called. 

Right I’m back. I kinda forgot I’d been writing this and wandered off after University Challenge to tidy my handbag, which yielded £3.50 in loose change. I don’t know about you but it’s so rare that I use cash that I get panicky when I’m handed change and end up just throwing it in the handbag of doom. It annoys me but I’m powerless to stop doing it, like eating Cadbury’s chocolate fingers on my nocturnal wanderings. 

Speaking of nocturnal affairs, myself and Mrs Tigerbaps seem to be sleeping a lot these days. Is that acceptable? We turned in at 9:15 on Saturday night despite earlier napping, and slept like babies. Worried, I asked her if she thought this was wrong. Surely we should be – oh I don’t know – knitting hats for penguins in our downtime or some such worthy pursuit. Mrs ‘baps replied thus: 

“But we’re nearly pensioners, Linds”

How dare she! The cheek of it! Actually that’s probably why bits of me keep falling off or breaking. 

I’ve several blog posts (350) in draft form. I promise to revisit them, sort the wheat from the chaff, and post them for either your enjoyment or your screenshotting and sending to your pals with a “who does she think she is, writing a blog, thinking she’s it, oversharing”. 

Not that I’ve ever screenshotted anything and bitchily sent it over the airwaves to mock you. No no no. 


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