We’re all Jocky Wilson’s bairns. 

General Nonsense


Guys, guys, guys…
I’ve seen and heard some crazy shit spouted these past few days. Sympathy and desire to help isn’t mutually exclusive. We can feel empathy and solidarity with more than one cause at a time. We’re just human beings on an insignificant lump of rock circling an insignificant star. Above all though – unless that Horizon programme (something about multiverses and quantum physics) the other night is right – we’re all just accidents of birth – I’m glad I could spend my Friday night lying around in my pants post-Chinese takeaway with somebody I love (not Tucker, but I love him too), not (overly) worrying about my children’s or my own safety and not pushing a buggy with a sleeping baby and a crying four year old for eight hours through an entire country, which sounds like it’s a shitty made up thing from hell somebody would do for charity with a massive support team following on, but sadly isn’t. 

Now let’s stop this nonsense and just get on with being good people. I know you’re thinking “Christ she’s right you know; I’ve been a damn fool”. 

To quote a hilarious friend: 

We’re all Jocky Wilson’s bairns.


See picture above. Imagine that jumping on your bones every night. Brrrr. 

Rest in power, Jocky. 

Peace and love. 

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