When will I be famous, damn you (does that need a question mark?)

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Here’s a round up of news and bits and bobs

  1. Stubbed my toe on a bed this week and self diagnosed a broken toe. I didn’t feel I should bother anybody to have it X-Rayd or whatever the past participle of X-Ray is. Apparently there’s not much they do for a broken toe but I feel I should report it to SOMEBODY. Surely it should be recorded somewhere in my medical notes if for no other reason than it’s the equivalent of a note from my mum in case I’m asked to do anything vaguely active or sociable? It’s my get out of jail card for the foreseeable future for chrissake. Of course this happened on the day I had to schlep round Glasgow for a conference. Of course it did. 
  2. I’m five hours away from the end of an eBay selling sesh and gawwwwd what a RUSH! But if I ever get the look of a woman who’s about to buy her umpteenth pair of wedge/platform or indeed even “flatform” sandals please feel free to rugby tackle me to the ground because I can’t walk in the buggers. Last weekend’s baffling “possession-by-a-domestic-goddess” day found me rootling in cupboards, purging them of several pairs of the aforementioned which are now five hours away from a new pair of feet. I enjoy the adrenaline rush of eBay but the effort versus return ratio is at best questionable. All that packing and posting nonsense saps me of energy. 
  3. Not that I’m under any illusions about my blogging ability (she said, with slightly faux modesty) but I note other bloggers have hundreds of followers and comments. I’m wondering if I’m missing a trick – is there a dark web of blogging I should be on to gain readers and popularity? I rarely get comments and family doesn’t count. I don’t have a theme in mind when I write this stuff – it’s stream of consciousness stuff and I’ll be damned if I’ll compromise my non-existent creative integrity to follow any “rules” damn you. Would it kill one of you to share/comment on/generally big up my bloggings? People get book deals for this stuff you know and due to my fiscal imprudence I’m pinning my retirement hopes on fame and wealth coming late in life.  
  4. For no good reason, except the cute dog factor, here’s me and my boy, having a morning snuggle.    You’ll note that I bear no resemblance to the Tigerbaps in my profile pic. As well as having had a veritable raft of hair and makeup artistes weave their magic that day,  I applied a veritable mille feuille of filters to the profile pic. (I stole that mille feuille of filters phrase from The Guyliner, a fine blogger of some note)
  5. I’ve lost my coffee and bacon sandwich making mojo. Am I mysteriously and miraculously pregnant? Everything tastes weird. 

In summary then, go forth and make me famous. 


  1. sue giles 13/09/2015 4:20 PM

    Hi Lindsey! I love your blog. I think I discovered it through the genius Belgian Waffle’s blogroll, and immediately read through your archives. People should be following the Tao of Tigerbaps and spreading your word. Please keep writing, you always make me laugh out loud!

  2. Lady Hotgash 13/09/2015 6:32 PM

    I love your blog. I just don’t comment because I’m a snob. I missed the mentioning of vaginas in this post. Might have to unfollow but, of course, inform you I am unfollowing first. Hope your toe gets better. Nothing helped mine and they mocked me in A&E…

  3. Sue Giles 13/09/2015 6:48 PM

    BTW, have you read this blog? I love it … http://disasterfilm.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Sue Giles 13/09/2015 7:21 PM

    And he usually gets loads of comments, so … Have a look!

  5. mummadoc 14/09/2015 7:58 PM

    I posted this message on FB but then realised that that wasn’t the point. I love your blogs, Baps.
    On a practical note, you’re right, not much to be done with a broken toe. BUT, I was brought up to Xray toes incase they were actually dislocated, because if they are and nothing’s done you can have longterm discomfort and dislocations are almost impossibe to put back after any significant time has passed. HOWEVER, after that I worked at other hospitals where they had a ‘no xray’ policy. I always disagreed with them but they took no bloody notice even though I was right. Also, when I broke my own toe by running on a beach and kicking a rock, I didn’t get it xrayed. Hurt like Hell for about a week, hurt a lot for 3 weeks, and was a bit uncomfortable for about 6 months. It’s still a bit weird and I’M CONVINCED IT WAS BLOODY DISLOCATED.
    Hope that helps. x

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